About Us

ABOUT DESIGN STUDIO is a young, dynamic and experienced commercial practice led by Bhavna and Lisa, who are passionate about design and architecture. Founded in late 2013, ABOUT DESIGN STUDIO has quickly built and impressive portfolio across a broad section of project types including commercial, offices, hospitality, retail and residential

ADS believes each project is an individual with its own unique character and circumstances and they should come to life displaying the same response from us. ADS is distinguished by the innovative and thoughtful design response to achieve results that embody space, form and function encompassing detail. Results are engaging, efficient and contemporary spaces that bring joy to every individual who interacts with it.

Our extensive knowledge of construction, materials, services and sustainability brings to the table projects that are within the budget and supersedes clients brief and expectations. At the core of our approach is innovative thinking that gives vibrancy and form to their designs. ADS is unique in its equally balanced and fully integrated architecture and interior design process, with each discipline informing the other for the duration of a project.