Fussy Pots

An aspiring café by an aspiring mother – a very low budget design but yet chic and appealing to the neighbourhood people. The coffee bar placed at the front to increase street interaction. A laneway created to take people to the green backyard by placing the kitchen in the middle.

We not only helped with the name but also wrote a prose which could be written on extended blackboard wall.

Not tussy mussy cussy
Fussy is my name
A little bit of fire
A little bit of flame
And I will be just the same

Catch some eggs
You break none
Let me jump
Let them boil
Or fry a little
Remember your grandma
They will taste the same

Toast some grains
Roast some names
Add some honey and a fruit
Wherever lil feet take
You won't find the same

Crickety cock prickety pock
A lil fish
Give it to me

I will add butter
Some cream
Some pepper
All the cooks will
Run to me
You will ever say never