Story Book Cafe

A small café in heart of south Yarra specialising in coffee and salads we were appointed by Lattetude team for design and project management services.

Providing much more we gave the café a new name “story book café” and writing for the wall to describe their concept.

The barista area was envisaged as a shy lady who is trying to hide behind her own hand and failing miserably.

The blackboards on the wall provide a venting out space for anyone and everyone. Last but not the least the space is extended beyond its realms with a picture graphic of a hallway in royal arcade.


Come with me 
We will share a story
Some will write it on the wall
Some in the mind
And a few in the heart

The voices will echo
The echo so deafening
sshh no one said a word

Someone will smile a shy
Someone will weep a tear
There will be music of a laughter
And a little tale of a giggle

The story will go on
From one mind to another
Hearts will talk
And smiles will have voice
Tears will be gently collected

And so the story to be told
No voices will be heard
Just some echoes